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e-learning CPPINV3030 - Learning and Assessment

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About this unit - CPPINV3030

This unit specifies the skills and knowledge required to conduct factual investigations. It includes conducting desk-based research and using communication skills to conduct interviews and meetings and take statements to record factual information. The unit requires evidence collection and compliance with evidence management principles.

A person working at this level would be expected to take responsibility for organising and completing tasks assigned to them without close supervision.

This unit forms part of the licensing requirements for people engaged in investigative services in some states and territories. For further information, check with the relevant regulatory authority.

What's included in this unit?

This unit is LMS ready and includes both the SCORM file and .story file. By purchasing this unit, you will be granted a license to upload to your own LMS and unlimited students. Also, we will include the .story file so you can adjust the file as required.