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Claydon Brothers Pty Ltd

Moodle LMS Installation

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Moodle LMS Installation, Training and Support

Get Your Very Own Modern Powerful Learning Management System (LMS) with Unlimited Students

Moodle LMS Install

The latest Moodle version 4 is modern, sleek, and powerful. We love it, and you will too. Click on the video to view a demo of our Moodle LMS installation. We use the Academi Theme to create a super clean, modern and beautiful interface.

Moodle LMS Use Cases

Moodle is a versatile learning management system (LMS) that can be used by any organisation, regardless of industry or size. It is well-suited for both educational institutions and businesses.

Training College

Moodle LMS is suitable for all education needs, including Universities and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

Moodle can be used by RTOs to deliver online and blended learning courses to their students.

Moodle also includes a number of features that are specifically designed for RTOs, such as the ability to create and manage student records, assessments, and certificates.

Moodle incorporates many key RTO compliance features to satisfy ASQA auditors such as the Grade Me plugin.

Staff Training

Moodle LMS is also suitable for workplaces who need to build or upload their workplace induction courses, track completions, and send reminders for overdue inductions.

The customisable reporting module Edwiser Reports allows you to create any type of report that your business needs, such as staff completion rates and average time spent on each course.

The gamification plugin Level Up rewards users with points for completing activities and creates a leaderboard to encourage competition and increase completion rates.

Verification of Competency (VOC)

Moodle LMS is also great for Verification of Competency (VOC) using the assignment module with Checklist Grading.

Your assessors can use competency checklists to assess the workers competency, add feedback and notify the candidate automatically.

Both the candidate and assessor can upload text, images, documents, video or audio to support their judgement.

This works really well with the Moodle Mobile App available for both Apple and Android.

Simple Pricing

$2,000 installation one off.  Plus $2,000 per year (hosting, support and unlimited training) charged monthly. 

Moodle Installation

$2,000 one off

Our competitors charge a high installation fee of around $10,000, which only includes the basic installation with no themes or plugins.

We charge $2,000 for a complete and ready-to-use installation, which includes unlimited students, the amazing Academi theme and key plugins like checklist grading, re-engagement plugin, level up gamification plugin, and all the other essential plugins you need to start using your LMS right away.

We also customise your LMS to match your company branding, including your logo, key images, and colors. If you have purchased SCORM or Moodle courses, we will install them for you as part of the initial installation fee.

Our competitors don't perform a full install and don't use a dedicated server with fast speeds and tons of storage. They install the bare bones and then charge you extra for things like SMTP email configuration. We install your Moodle with the exact same specs as our own to ensure your site works super fast, never runs out of storage and has everything it needs including SMTP email.

Hosting, Training and Support

$2,000 per year ($167 per month)

Moodle is very powerful and you will need just in time training as you go along.  Our competitors charge $10,000 per year for only basic support and no training. We think this is a rip-off, and we're the only company that offers exceptional hosting, support and training for amazing value.

Our monthly fee of $2,000 per year or $167 per month incorporates top end high performance servers with heaps of storage to host your Moodle LMS as well as providing support when you need something upgraded, installed or configured and most importantly training just in time.

You can call us anytime for help with building assignments, creating quizzes, or changing the look of your site.  We also provide one-on-one support when you need it most, such as the night before a course starts. 

Our training is unlimited not limited like our competitors. They shouldn't be charging extra for training but they do and we think that is a rip off. Regardless of how many times you call us or how much training we provide our monthly fee ($167) stays the same.

Ready for your own LMS

If you want your very own Moodle LMS ready to go with unlimited students here are the steps

1. Add to cart and pay the $2,000 up front fee.
2. We will send you an email with the required information to setup your new eLearning site. For example
3. We use fast German servers with the highest configuration and speeds and are dedicated to your company. We don't believe in sharing!
4. You will receive just in time training (unlimited) ongoing. This will help you make the most of your new Learning Management System. Your new system will be installed using your logos, colours, images, website hosting details etc.
5. Need help building new courses? We can provide a quote to build new courses from scratch. New courses start at $2,500.


Once all information is received we will have your full and complete ready to go Moodle installation ready within 48hrs including hosting, email, themes, business information, logos, colours and images.


Once your Moodle LMS is ready to go our Moodle LMS manager will phone you and provide you with an initial training session via remote TeamViewer to give you an introduction to your Moodle LMS.

Just in time training

We've been doing Moodle installs for over 10 years now and we now know that just in time training is the key. As you go to use your Moodle LMS you will have questions and you will need training. So just call us when you do and we will train you as you go - Just in Time!